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With the help of our corporate partnership program, you canensure the mental wellbeing of your employees at a very affordable price. 1Life is the Mental Health Partner of SMBs, that offers a variety of tailored services including a dedicated helpline service, one-on-one counseling service, and once-in-a-quarter team events.While our toll-free suicide helpline is run by trained volunteers, our dedicated helpline service for small and medium-sized businesses is operated by experienced mental health experts.

In this service, we provide a dedicated helpline number exclusive to your organization wherein your employees can pick up the phone and talk to the mental health expert without any appointment.

  • The helpline is answered by well experienced counselors/experts. This service is offered at a fixed cost that’s billed monthly.

For example, employees can dial the number anytime between 9-11 a.m. or 3-5 p.m. and talk about the issues they are facing. If the professional deems it necessary, they may refer the employee for one-on-one counseling, video counseling, etc.,

Besides, to evaluate the mental health condition of your workforce, you can avail our detailed reports. We provide statistics such as the number of calls made, the average number of minutes talked with a professional, etc. All that while keeping the identity of your employees confidential.

If you do not wish to opt for our fixed-cost solution, you can book an appointment with us whenever the need arises. Thanks to this budget-friendly, ad-hoc approach, our experts will support your employees only when they need us.

Sometimes, talking to a mental health specialist on a dedicated helpline may not suffice. If need be, your employees may be advised of one-on-one counseling with an expert. You can pay for this on-demand service depending on the number of hours counseled.

Besides, the Human Resource may approach 1Life if they feel an employee may need one-on-one counseling service. Apart from that, your employees may choose to connect with a psychiatrist without getting in touch with HR. For that, we will provide the contact information of the psychiatrist through the employee portal.

The one-on-one counseling may be accomplished via video call or in-person visit. If your company office is located in Hyderabad, our mental health specialist can pay a visit on a weekly basis. Therefore, your employees can just walk in and talk about their concerns with the professional.

When talking about overall personal wellness, one cannot miss mental health. It’s the psychological and emotional well-being that greatly influences an employee’s productivity at the workplace.

Certain activities, like the ones described below, are believed to have a positive impact on the mental health of employees. Even though these team events are not designed to “cure” mental disorders, they are necessary for maintaining good health overall.

Every quarter, our mental health professionals at 1Life can conduct the following team events to ensure the mental wellbeing of your employees:


Work-life balance

Master the art of work-life balance. Learn how to handle responsibilities effectively and resume control over your life.


Time management

Do the right thing and utilize your 24 hours to the fullest. Understand how to keep things organized, map out your schedule, and create a solid work plan.


Stress management

evelop powerful stress management skills necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Burn away stress and tension with mindful rhythmic exercises.


Anger management techniques

Identify your triggers and learn how to find healthy outlets for your anger. Practicing relaxation techniques will help you keep anger at bay.


Emotional intelligence

Expand your emotional intelligence by learning how to react to people using self-evaluation techniques. Recognize emotions in others and practice self-awareness.


Foundations of mindfulness

Through mindfulness, you can find meaning, joy, and a sense of achievement in your lives. Learn how to truly live in the moment and pay attention to things that matter.


Radiate confidence

evelop powerful stress management skills necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Burn away stress and tension with mindful rhythmic exercises.


Creative thinking tools

Develop creative thinking tools and approaches such as metaphorical thinking, concept map, affinity diagrams, and brainstorming.