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About Us

Trained and qualified counselors and mental health professionals

We are a non-profit organization with a solid foundation of experienced mental health professionals, trained tele counselors, and strong crisis support. Millions of people die by suicide each year. It’s a worrying situation that doesn’t distinguish between gender, age, race, or profession.

With each year, the number of suicide deaths is only increasing and we want to change that. The two pillars of suicide prevention are – improving support resources and educating the public. At 1Life, our trained and qualified counselors and mental health professionals do just that without passing any judgment.

Several issues can lead to suicidal tendencies. It could be due to cultural norms, legal issues, family problems, ill health, and so much more. What may not be a trigger for someone may be a devastating factor for another.

You can reach out to the nearest psychiatric or medical facility so that you don’t have to feel alone or isolated.

Just remember, problems do not end with suicide. They continue to linger and cause more trouble for friends and family

Our Team


Suresh KalaFounder


Viraj BhandareExecutive & Director of Finance


Dr. Swetha ReddyConsulting Psychiatrist


Lakshmi PrasannaDirector of Operations


Rebecca MariaVidyaCounselling Psychologist



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