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The word caught your attention din’t it ? The truth is suicide catches everyone’s attention. It’s the pain that leads to suicide which goes unnoticed. The pain of being tortured by your own mind.

The reason you’re here is rarely ever spoken about in close circles. Suicide isn’t just a seven-letter word but a tragic reality that has major repercussions on millions of people. If you are reading this, there’s a good chance that you’ve been contemplating it too.

The pain is just too much to bear, isn’t it? It’s incomprehensible, unbearable, immense and we understand the gravity of it.But you being here tells us that you’re also searching for hope – another four-letter word with immense power!And hope is what you’re going to get if you just stay with us for a while. That for us is the first win.


Our intent is not to judge your choicesbut to be there for you in these desperate times – something we don’t experience that often in today’s world. There’s something else that most people lack to help deal with their emotional pain – resources.

Hence, we have taken it upon ourselves to offer you plenty of resources and connect you with expert therapists, psychologists, and other esteemed professionals depending on your needs.

1Life is a non-profit organization that serves distressed individuals such as yourself through our suicide prevention helpline, tele counseling, and crisis support.All you need is a little help and we are committed to you.

No matter how dire the situation is, no matter if you believe a magical solution doesn’t exist, you talking to us about it and distancing yourself from that thought even for just 24 hours will make the world of a difference for you.

Decisions are often spontaneous. Even if you think you thought it through, you have to be alive to feel relieffrom the pain. All there is left after death is uncertainty.

We are not here to judge you but to have a heart-to-heart conversation. Even in your darkest moments, if you can find it within yourself to share what you feel, it’s a good start. If you are still here, we know that a part of you still yearns to live.

Let’s hang on to that!

Our professionally trained volunteers will listen to anything and everything you have to say. You are not weak or crazy if you feel burdened or exhausted. Tolerance is subject to individuals and so is pain. Only you understand the depth of your situation – better than anyone else.

So, we are here to listen, be with you, and connect you with the right professionals.