It is said that, life is a bag of continuous strife and struggle. For that matter, no two individual’s lives are the same, and each one’s life has a set of challenges that are unique and different to others. Every problem has a solution, so is with life’s problems. Only by deep probing into the problem, and finding the best solution out of the available solutions, one can avoid stress and pressure and also the resultant tendencies, suicidal or causing harm to one’s self.

When an individual finds that all door have been closed, and there is no solution to the problem confronted, the suicidal tendency crops high. There is a feeling that it is all over and the only way out is to end one’s life. Utmost desperation and helplessness are the primary reasons for suicides to take place.

The role of OneLife is to extend a helping hand to those with suicidal tendencies and help them lead a normal life, with trust and confidence in themselves that they can do what is best, and definitely help others to be happy. Our Helpline service helps people with suicidal tendencies to overcome their fears and anxieties, and follow the best course of action that assures a happy and joyful life.

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Love And Marriage Issues

The pang of a broken heart seems to be more severe than that of poverty and unemployment as the number of people who commit suicide over failed love affairs is larger than those who kill themselves due to the other reasons. At least 10 people end their lives every day in the country after being let down by their lovers. Recent statistics show that 23.8 percent of suicides are caused to Love Failures, family disturbances and dowry disputes.

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Health Issues

Health is wealth, definitely yes. Ill-health denies one of the little joys and pleasures of life. Life without health turns dull, drab and lifeless.
OneLife helps patients who have lost faith in medicine and treatments, to gain confidence in them, and start leading a happy life. There is a saying, “What cannot be cured has to be endured”, so patients with deadly diseases and chronic illnesses are counseled to lead a normal life, with total acceptance of the reality and the pain that means to follow. Our 24×7 Helpline helps patients and the ailing people, by offering the best support and professional advice.

suicide helpline in Hyderabad

Stress Issues

Work and life balance has never been so easy. Those who could balance work and life have always had a joy-filled life, those who could not have overtly come under stress. The more the stress, the more is the impact on one’s health and life.
Stress can be experienced by people of all age groups; children due to studies and examinations, professionals due to workplace competition and business targets, patients due to chronic illnesses, and in general, people due to fears, threats, jealousies and competition usually become susceptible to stress.
Stress can be overcome by identifying the problem, and finding solutions to it. OneLife offers professional counsel to people coming under stress, and have strong suicidal tendencies. We advise and counsel the stress-ridden people on the best course of action to overcome stress, and lead a happy life.

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Financial Issues

Finances are the backbone for personal and professional progress. Financial limitations deny one the opportunity to achieve one’s academic and career goals, and deny many opportunities in life.
To plan ones future, one needs to plan for proper financial support. The more the savings of an individual, the greater are prospects for a safe, secure and happy life. OneLife helps people in making proper financial planning, and advises on discreet use of resources. We help people to plan well in advance, and be prepared for any untoward things that might happen.
Through timely and expert financial advice we ensure that each individual is better prepared for the challenges of life, and moves ahead in life with confidence and courage.

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Social Issues

Today, we confront a number of social issues – domestic violence, child labor, violence against women, eve-teasing, ill-treatment of the old and the destitute, and the list is endless.

  • Domestic violence has been on the rise, and often goes un-noticed. The torture to which women and children are put within four walls of home needs to be addressed with tact and expertise.
  • Child labor is rampant in India, and other developing countries. The reasons are evident as poverty, population and lack of support from the state.
  • Violence against women has reached its pinnacle in this decade. In India alone, scores of women have been molested, raped and murdered with no sense of respect or humanism.
  • Eve teasing has become a pastime activity of youngsters, who consider it as exciting and entertaining. The shame and torture to which the aggrieved woman is put cannot be explained by words, and is highly condemnable.
  • The old and the destitute of the society need a pinch of dignity and respect, which they are often denied. The destitute and the old are not in a situation to take care of their needs, and they certainly need other help to survive.

The solution for all the social problems lies in change of human behavior and attitude, and each individual’s readiness to get sensitized to fellow human beings problems and sufferings.
OneLife rises to the occasion, and addresses all social issues with a proven approach. We offer support to aggrieved people through right counsel, mediation and expert advice. Basically, we aim to bring a change in the aggressor and aggrieved mindset for the better. A change in each individual’s thinking and outlook of life is sure to usher the change for a better.

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Legal Issues

When a crime is committed, and an injustice is meted, the law takes its own course of action. With the civil and criminal cases on the rise, and the cost of legal battles on the rise, very few can take recourse to law. Added, there is the problem of huge delays in solving each legal case on the part of courts of law and the state’s legal machinery.
OneLife helps people with providing for the right legal advice, and providing for early settlement between conflicting interests and groups. We understand the complex nature of each legal case, and provide the best possible solution to each issue. This includes not only providing detailed information on legal options available, but also of alternatives that could be availed to resolve legal issues.

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